Boleslawiec – what to see in Boleslawiec

Boleslawiec is celebrated as “Ceramics City” because it is famous for marvelous pottery. The city has very long history of making the ceramics. All authentic Bolesławiec pottery has the “Hand made in Poland” stamped on the bottom and many tourist from around the world come there to buy it. Boleslawiec pottery that is most recognizable today is the white or cream colored ceramic with dark blue, green, or red folk motives on it.

Zelazowa Wola – what to see in Zelazowa Wola

Zelazowa Wola is famous because of the fact that Frederick Chopin was born there. There is a museum devoted to the composer and his previous house, so the place is a must-visit destination for all lovers of classical music and the music of Frederick Chopin. It is also known for its picturesque Masovian landscape, including numerous winding streams surrounded by willows and hills.

Kolobrzeg – what to see in Kolobrzeg

Kolobrzeg is the largest and most beautiful Polish health resort. It has also many interesting sights, for example the neo-gothic Town Hall or gothic St. Mary’s Basilica. Kołobrzeg is very popular destination for people who want to rest on their summer holidays, but all around the year many people visit the city to rest or to improve their health.

Elblag – what to see in Elblag

Elblag is a very old city dating back to Medieval, but most of its history it belonged to Germany. Its beginning is closely connected with the Prussian Crusade and the foundation of Teutonic Knights, so it’s a popular destination for tourist fascinated with the religious wars and Christianization of Pagan Baltic coast. The most beautiful sight in Elbląg is St. Nicholas Cathedral, a church founded in Middle Ages. One of the important attractions is also the Elblag canal, one of the “Seven wonders of Poland”.

Zamosc – what to see in Zamosc

Zamosc is a unique example of a Renaissance town in Central Europe, one of the most beautiful around the world. Most historic buildings are located in the Old Town, for example the Great Market Square and Town Hall. The city has also many beautiful churches and chapels like for example the Saint Anne’s Church. Zamość is also closely connected with music and music festivals, because many cultural events take place here. The most famous festival in Zamośc is “Jazz na Kresach” festival.

Lublin – what to see in Lublin

Lublin is sometimes called ,,Little Cracow” because of similar architectural style of buildings and picturesque Old Town. The city has also very large amount of nightclubs and discos because 35% of people living in Lublin are students, that is why it is also city which has a lot of music festivals. It has also its own airport and many interesting cinemas, because the city has a film making past.

Malbork – what to see in Malbork

Malbork was founded in the 13th century by the Knights of the Teutonic Order and is one of the  oldest towns in Poland. The most important sight in Malbork is the medieval Malbork Castle, the biggest brick castle in the world. It is the classic example of medieval architecture and fortifications. It is a very popular destination for tourist who love history, mostly Medieval, because annually many people come here to watch the roleplayed battles of many knights.

Lodz – what to see in Lodz

Łódź (Lodz) is the third largest city in Poland. It was the most economically powerful city in Poland because of the textile industry. The biggest tourist attraction in Łódź is the Piotrkowska Street, which is one of the longest main streets in the world. The city has also the best museums of modern art in Poland and is closely connected with the happenings of World War II because many Jews died in the Łódź Ghetto.

Poznan – what to see in Poznan

Poznan is best known for hosting many cultural events. It is also home for Polish fantasy and science-fiction fans, because the biggest fantasy festival called “Pyrkon” takes place here and it’s visited annually by more than 30 thousand people. The most inetersting sights in Poznań are the renaissance Old Town and Ostrów Tumski cathedral. The symbol of Poznań is “koziołki poznańskie” – the sculpture of two goats located on the tower of the town hall.

Wroclaw – what to see in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the capital of Lower Silesia region and also one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. The city has many interesting buildings, for example Ostrów Tumski (the oldest part of the city), the Cathedral of Old Town Hall. It also has botanical garden and Japanese garden. Wrocław is also famous for hosting many musical or sports events, for example some matches of UEFA Euro 2012 took place there.