The five most frequently purchased gifts in Poland by our foreign tourists

We checked the data from recent years regarding the souvenirs and gifts most frequently purchased by foreign tourists in Poland. Here is a list of them below with additional information. We hope it will be useful during your next trip to Poland.

  1. Amber – Baltic amber ornaments were made already in the Palaeolithic. Over time, amber has become a showcase of Poland, although 90% of deposits are located in Russia. Despite this fact, Poland is associated with amber the most. Elegant silver or gold jewelry with amber is a beautiful, typically Polish gift for a foreigner, especially for a woman. It is an expensive gift, but it is a unique souvenir. The largest number of amber shops in Poland is located on the Baltic Sea in Gdańsk.

  2. Ceramics from Bolesławiec – Ceramics from Bolesławiec is definitely one of the most beautiful Polish gifts. The Ceramics Plant in Bolesławiec is one of the world leaders in the production of ceramics using a unique stamping technique. It has been produced since the 19th century and is recognizable not only in Poland but also in the world. It is available in many stores around the world, to order, but if you would like to visit several stores and choose it “live”, you must visit Bolesławiec yourself.

  3. Mead – this traditional Polish drink was known already in the Middle Ages. It was considered exclusive and very expensive. There are several types to choose from: półtorak, dwójniak, trójniak and czwórniak, depending on the ratio of honey to water. In addition to Mead, the Polish vodka Żubrówka is also famous for its good reputation – necessarily with one blade of grass in the bottle. For those who, as we say in Poland, have a “hard head”, we recommend the famous “Śliwowica Łącka”, in which the alcohol concentration reaches … 70 percent!

  4. Sweets from Poland – that is, for sure, “Śliwka nałęczowska” or “Ptasie mleczko” are among the most popular ones, but people who have visited Toruń will surely remember the famous Toruń Gingerbreads, the tradition of which goes back 700 years ago, and also bits that cannot be found anywhere else.

  5. Tablecloths and scarves embroidered by hand from Koniaków – lace-making tradition from Koniaków goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. The uniqueness of Koniaków Koronki is that they do not use stencils. Thanks to this, each project is unique and has a unique charm, and its form and the multitude of elements depends only on the imagination of the lace-maker. This method of crocheting is not used anywhere else in the world. To see them live in the Museum and buy the most beautiful and original products, we invite you to the Silesian Beskids, to Koniaków.

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